Why use our API technology?

Increase Efficiency

With options to connect your case management system to our software, we provide a more efficient way to handle service of process. Having integrated API technology allows the client to simply press a button in order to send us their process requests. Everything is updated in real time and is automatically transmitted back into the client’s system once the defendant or witness has been served.

Billing is also automatically transmitted to your accounts payable department, helping to further reduce labor cost and increase efficiency.

Real Time Reporting

By including the real time updates and reducing the need to manually track process serving updates, the opportunity for errors are greatly reduced.

Easy to Integrate

Our API technology professionals can communicate with just about any case management software. We also maintain partnerships with Smart Advocate and Litify, among others.

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Learn how we can integrate with your case management software. Watch the video or read about what our technology can do to increase efficiency, accuracy and reduce your costs.

How It Works

Once the client sends us an order, it is handled through electronic transfers and they are notified during each step.

1 Client integrates their case management system.
2 Once we receive an order, jobs are created, assigned and tracked.
3 The client is alerted that their job is being routed for service and assigned to a process server.
4 Our process servers use real time updates through smartphone technology to transmit whether your process has been effectively served or attempted.
5 Once the job is served, the client will receive a notification with the date and time and who was served.
6 An affidavit of service is generated, signed, notarized, scanned and transmitted electronically to the court, a copy is automatically uploaded to the client’s case management system. If we are your e-filing provider, your affidavit of service will also be electronically filed and a court stamped copy will be forwarded to you as well.
7 If the process is not complete, the client will receive an email and text notification, as to why service has not been effectuated.
8 We can then use our skip trace technology to help us find your witness or defendant.