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Five Ways Service of Process Might Be Defective

Service of process is one of the most crucial parts of any lawsuit, and ensuring it is done properly is essential to your case going forward. However, if a process server is careless, there could be a problem with service that could delay your suit. In a worst case scenario, you could even miss a crucial deadline that permanently prevents you from going forward with your case. Here are five ways your service of process might be defective: Continue reading “Five Ways Service of Process Might Be Defective”

Complications with Serving Process on Foreign Defendants

While it was once a rare problem, it is increasingly common for plaintiffs these days to be forced to deal with the complications of serving process on foreign defendants. This can become an issue when serving process against foreign corporations, such as in cases involving international commerce, or against individuals when they travel to the United States and commit a tortious act. Plaintiffs hoping to bring a lawsuit against foreign defendants should be mindful of these complications, or else risk losing their case based on procedural delays or errors. Continue reading “Complications with Serving Process on Foreign Defendants”




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